Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Most Excellent Dental Hygiene You Can Have

The importance of taking care of your teeth is something that people have been told you for most of your life, at least since you were old enough to hold a toothbrush. Your dentist has probably admonished you at least once. While the constant reminders can be annoying, it is also true. It is vital to take good care of your teeth. After all, if your teeth aren't healthy the rest of you can't stay healthy. It is not an exaggeration to say that proper teeth care can literally save your life. Here are some ways to improve your oral health.

Do not forget tongue care! Tongues love to harbor germs and bacteria. Rake the brush over your tongue several times, when you brush your teeth in the A.M., and P.M. Do not clean with too much force. In fact, scrubbing can cause lots of damage! Rather, take the brush and run it over your tongue a few times. Commence at the rear of the tongue then bring it forward to the front. Doing this will rid the mouth of microorganisms and germs that create breath that is offensive. Mouth's will also be aided in a good feeling all day also. Use fluoride toothpaste when you brush your teeth. Fluoride is added to the drinking water of many states in the United States, but not all states follow that practice. The fluoride added to the drinking water in those states still isn't in high enough concentration to be able to replace a good fluoride toothpaste. Germs and bacteria will have a more difficult time taking hold of your teeth and causing problems since fluoride will coat the enamel of your tooth and bond to it. A non fluoride toothpaste does not offer as much protection as fluoride toothpaste. Using that stuff will only move the germs around, not eliminate them.

You should regularly monitor how your gums look, and especially what color they are. When you touch your gums, they should have a firm feel, and their color should be on the light pink side. If you have any kind of gum disease, such as gingivitis, you should see a dentist as soon as possible; clues to this include gums that are swollen or that have a spongy feel. Gingivitis is curable, but it's important that you see a dentist if you suspect this. The trick is to get to the dentist as quickly as possible because if you do not treat gingivitis as soon as possible it can lead to severe problems. You don't want to risk damaging the bones that keep your teeth where they belong, and this is how gingivitis can cause tooth loss if you don't treat it!

There are lots of things that you can do to make sure that your teeth are as healthy as possible. It's quite simple to care for your teeth and gums. It doesn't involve any long procedures, just following some basic rules every day.

Your teeth and mouth respond to natural foods, brushing and flossing consistently and staying away from unhealthy habits like smoking and eating too many junk foods. It's worthwhile to devote some attention to your dental health. You'll be healthier overall, and you'll save money on dental bills!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nasofix Review - Before and After

So I tried this new product called Nasofix which I bought online 3 weeks ago. A friend of mine actually told me to get one because it is totally effective. I am very skeptic about it since I do not believe it will work. So the premise of the device is:

"Our nasal cartilage is a unique connective tissue. It is made up of only one cell type – The Chondrocyte, these cells produces a rich and elastic matrix consisting of a protein known as collagen. Our nasal cartilage is made up of collagen II, a specific type of collagen that is known for its high molding capability. Collagen II is about 70% water, making it highly reshapeable."
So here is my Day 1 picture before using Nasofix.

As you can see, the tip is very bulbous and bumpy. Its long and it really does not suit my face. It is also crooked and leaning towards the left.

This is my side view picture. Nose is droopy and I have a hump at the top. Bridge is not straight as well. So I tried it, place it on my nose for 10 to 20 minutes a day and I used it consistently. I really do not think that Nasofix could really fix my nose without surgery but I tried it anyways.

Did not notice any difference on Day 3, 4 up to 5. I start noticing changes at the first week but I am not sure. However, I noticed huge changes at Day 21, 3 weeks after using it.

At day 28, seems like All my nose problems are fixed. No wonder they called it Nasofix. I took a shot after 28 days which is Today and here are the after pictures:

As you can see, the tip of my nose gained definition and was straightened with Nasofix. Up to now, I cannot believe that a device could create this effect. Effect is permanent by the way once you exceed 1 month of use.

This is my side view picture as of Today. Noticed that the droop is gone and the bridge was straighten. I really like how Nasofix changed my nose. I am very happy and my self esteem improved a lot. 

I highly recommend this device. For only 29 bucks you can fix minor nose problems in just a month or even less. Nasofix also have a great customer support and a money back guarantee so there is no risk involved.

Hope my review helped you decide.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fast Tips For Better Teeth Care.

It's not cheap to visit the dentist. It's expensive just to have the dentist look in your mouth and maybe clean your teeth. Of course, neglecting your teeth is even more expensive in the long run, as sooner or later you'll have to address the problems. The best solutions when it comes to dental issues are preventive measures, as these save you money and safeguard your health. Most of them don't even involve a lot of work. The focus of this article will be on easy ways to improve your dental health. The key is to do them consistently.

Stay way from foods that can stain your teeth. A few foods you consume you are fully aware aren't good for your oral hygiene: sugary treats you discover in the aisle that holds candy is obvious. Yet, which other ones are there? Would you be surprised to learn that gum made of sugar is also detrimental? Although gum assists in increasing spit production and, with that, supports decreasing your mouth bacteria, gum with sugar takes the place of the sugars and crystals that were wiped away. Even stale bread sticks, crackers and chips are awful for your teeth besides. Despite the fact that fruit is basically healthful, dehydrated fruit is horrible for your teeth. Also, you will be thrilled with this news: Don't consume raisins of any kind. Dehydrated raisins are horrible for your tooth health!

When you buy your next toothbrush, you should listen to the recommendations of dentists on this issue. Once, it was assumed that the firmer the bristles on a toothbrush, the more effective it would be to clean your teeth. Despite this advantage of a firm brush, this also has the disadvantage of causing damage to the teeth, which is why dentists now recommend a soft or medium brush instead. It's best to consult with your dentist about the ideal toothbrush for your mouth.

Get the kind of toothbrush your dentist recommends.

Taking the best possible care of your teeth takes diligence, but it's not very hard. These are mainly practices that take a few minutes at most and will soon become second nature to you. As long as you follow these practices regularly, you should only have to go to the dentist for cleanings and checkups. Still, that doesn't mean that you can skip steps or ignore them altogether. Your teeth are much too important to neglect, so start taking better care of them and you'll be rewarded. Proper oral hygiene helps the rest of your body stay healthy and that's why you need to keep up with it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home Air Purifier

If you use the internet, read magazines, or watch television, there is a good chance that you have heard of air purifiers before.  This is due in part to the fact that air purifiers have increased in popularity over the past few years.  Despite the increase in popularity, you may be wondering if you really need to buy an air purifier.  Even if you do not really need to have one, there are still a number of benefits to making a purchase.  In fact, four reasons why you should buy an air purifier are outlined below.

1 – Air Purifiers Produce Clean Air

Air purifiers are designed to clean the air by removing harmful toxins and other pollutants.  These pollutants, if left in the air, can be dangerous.  For example, cigarette smoke that lingers in the air has a number of dangers, including an increased risk of lung cancer.  An air purifier can help to keep a home’s air clean.

As sited as an example above, many air purifiers eliminate harmful and potentially dangerous toxins and pollutants from secondhand cigarette smoke.  Did you know though that there is so much more that air purifiers can clean as well?  Air purifiers also clean pollen, mold and mildew, and animal dander.

2 – Air Purifiers Make Your Home More Healthy

As it was previously stated, air purifiers work to capture and eliminate many harmful pollutants and toxins from the air, including pet dander, secondhand tobacco smoke, pollen, mold, and mildew.  The presence of these harmful and potentially dangerous toxins and pollutants can make a home a dangerous place to be.  For example, pet dander can be dangerous for those who have pet allergies.  As for secondhand tobacco smoke, it is dangerous for everyone.

In addition to making your home much healthier, air purifiers can also make your home a happier place to be, for all residents and even guests.  In fact, that is another one of the many reasons why you should buy an air purifier for your home.

3 – Air Purifiers Help Those with Allergies and Asthma

As previously stated, there are many toxins and pollutants that fill most homes.  In fact, did you know that some homes have more pollutants indoors than there is outdoors?  This is true in many cases, largely due to the fact that are windows are closed in the summertime due to the use of air conditioners and they are closed in the wintertime due to coldness.  This doesn’t allow much opportunity for fresh air to enter the home or for polluted air to leave. 

Long-term exposure to household pollutants and toxins isn’t good for anyone, but it can be harmful or even deadly for those suffering from a number of medical conditions.  Two of these conditions include allergies or asthma.  If you suffer from asthma or allergies or if you have a family member who does, you are encouraged to use air purifiers as a way to seek relief.

4 – Air Purifiers Are Easy to Find and Buy

As it was previously stated, air purifiers have increased in popularity.  This is because many individuals are becoming more concerned with their health and many see air purifiers as a step in the right direction.  This means that there are more air purifiers for sale and more retailers are starting to offer them for sale.  In addition to having a number of air purifier makes and models to choose from, you also have a number of purchase points to choose from.  Air purifiers are sold online, at local home improvement stores, as well as in many department stores.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to buying and using an air purifier in your home.  Four of those reasons where outlined above.  As a reminder, you have a number of different air purifiers to choose from, so be sure to read ratings and reviews online. This can help to ensure that you choose the air purifier that is best for you and your needs.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is acupuncture right for you?

A Primer on Medical Acupuncture

Have you ever had an uncontrollable urge to be pierced by a dozen needles? This is the image most people get when someone mentions the word “acupuncture”. It comes as no surprise that most view this technique with suspicion, even downright horror. The fact is, however, that this relatively painless ancient Chinese technique has helped relieve the symptoms of millions of people. Properly used, it can help in the management of many medical conditions including chronic pain and fatigue.

How does needle puncture work?

Practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine believe in energy flows. This energy, called Qi, circulates around the body using pathways called meridians. Meridians run very close to the surface of the skin in certain areas and can be accessed by needles. Much like plumbing, these pipes can get blocked or go the wrong way, causing health problems. The insertion of needles at these points is aimed to help loosen blocks and normalize flow.

It sounds like a made-up explanation with no basis in reality, but there are numerous scientific studies which support the effects of acupuncture. Although the exact scientific basis is still unknown, recent theories seem to suggest involvement of complicated neurochemical effects in the brain, nerve to spinal cord impulse modulation, and microscopic connective tissue changes.

What risks and side effects are of concern?

The use of things not completely understood for the treatment of medical conditions is nothing new. Penicillin and aspirin were used for decades solely on the basis of their beneficial effects, without doctors knowing exactly how they worked. Results are what are truly important. However, it is equally important is to ensure that the technique is used safely.

Like other strategies used in treating health conditions, acupuncture may have some side effects. Medications have side effects and allergic reactions, surgeries have risk of infection and complications. For needle puncture, there is a risk of injury, rare infections, minor bleeding, small bruises, and some dizziness.

You can minimize the possible side effects by choosing a licensed acupuncturist. Most countries either have government licensing in place or have professional organizations with very strict rules and regulations.

How do treatments go?

An acupuncturist will do an initial evaluation of your medical history and your body’s current state. Multiple pressure points are palpated, and a regimen of treatment is formulated. Most courses involve a series of 10 to 20 treatment sessions, each lasting 30 to 90 minutes. Needles will be carefully placed at the required points and kept in place for some time. Most patients report a feeling of mild sensation at the site of the puncture, but no real pain.

Right after each acupuncture session, you will feel a bit tired and may need to rest. Some people feel an increase in their energy levels. The response to acupuncture is very individual. In some cases there is immediate relief of symptoms. For some patients, the beneficial effects may only be noticed after undergoing a few sessions. Do not be alarmed and keep your acupuncturist updated on what you are feeling to ensure everything is going as expected.

You need never fear the thought of needles ever again. Acupuncture is a beneficial treatment with a long history of effectiveness. It is used to complement current medical therapy and should not replace currently existing medications or treatments.

The safe application of this once exclusively Chinese therapy can now be experienced by chronic disease sufferers worldwide.