Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nasofix Review - Before and After

So I tried this new product called Nasofix which I bought online 3 weeks ago. A friend of mine actually told me to get one because it is totally effective. I am very skeptic about it since I do not believe it will work. So the premise of the device is:

"Our nasal cartilage is a unique connective tissue. It is made up of only one cell type – The Chondrocyte, these cells produces a rich and elastic matrix consisting of a protein known as collagen. Our nasal cartilage is made up of collagen II, a specific type of collagen that is known for its high molding capability. Collagen II is about 70% water, making it highly reshapeable."
So here is my Day 1 picture before using Nasofix.

As you can see, the tip is very bulbous and bumpy. Its long and it really does not suit my face. It is also crooked and leaning towards the left.

This is my side view picture. Nose is droopy and I have a hump at the top. Bridge is not straight as well. So I tried it, place it on my nose for 10 to 20 minutes a day and I used it consistently. I really do not think that Nasofix could really fix my nose without surgery but I tried it anyways.

Did not notice any difference on Day 3, 4 up to 5. I start noticing changes at the first week but I am not sure. However, I noticed huge changes at Day 21, 3 weeks after using it.

At day 28, seems like All my nose problems are fixed. No wonder they called it Nasofix. I took a shot after 28 days which is Today and here are the after pictures:

As you can see, the tip of my nose gained definition and was straightened with Nasofix. Up to now, I cannot believe that a device could create this effect. Effect is permanent by the way once you exceed 1 month of use.

This is my side view picture as of Today. Noticed that the droop is gone and the bridge was straighten. I really like how Nasofix changed my nose. I am very happy and my self esteem improved a lot. 

I highly recommend this device. For only 29 bucks you can fix minor nose problems in just a month or even less. Nasofix also have a great customer support and a money back guarantee so there is no risk involved.

Hope my review helped you decide.


  1. OMG!!! the effects are like a rhinoplasty o.O

    I have exactly the same problem with my nose, i want tu buy a nasofix soon!

    Thaks for the review and greetings from Spain ^^

    P.D: Sorry for my English ^^'