Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Most Excellent Dental Hygiene You Can Have

The importance of taking care of your teeth is something that people have been told you for most of your life, at least since you were old enough to hold a toothbrush. Your dentist has probably admonished you at least once. While the constant reminders can be annoying, it is also true. It is vital to take good care of your teeth. After all, if your teeth aren't healthy the rest of you can't stay healthy. It is not an exaggeration to say that proper teeth care can literally save your life. Here are some ways to improve your oral health.

Do not forget tongue care! Tongues love to harbor germs and bacteria. Rake the brush over your tongue several times, when you brush your teeth in the A.M., and P.M. Do not clean with too much force. In fact, scrubbing can cause lots of damage! Rather, take the brush and run it over your tongue a few times. Commence at the rear of the tongue then bring it forward to the front. Doing this will rid the mouth of microorganisms and germs that create breath that is offensive. Mouth's will also be aided in a good feeling all day also. Use fluoride toothpaste when you brush your teeth. Fluoride is added to the drinking water of many states in the United States, but not all states follow that practice. The fluoride added to the drinking water in those states still isn't in high enough concentration to be able to replace a good fluoride toothpaste. Germs and bacteria will have a more difficult time taking hold of your teeth and causing problems since fluoride will coat the enamel of your tooth and bond to it. A non fluoride toothpaste does not offer as much protection as fluoride toothpaste. Using that stuff will only move the germs around, not eliminate them.

You should regularly monitor how your gums look, and especially what color they are. When you touch your gums, they should have a firm feel, and their color should be on the light pink side. If you have any kind of gum disease, such as gingivitis, you should see a dentist as soon as possible; clues to this include gums that are swollen or that have a spongy feel. Gingivitis is curable, but it's important that you see a dentist if you suspect this. The trick is to get to the dentist as quickly as possible because if you do not treat gingivitis as soon as possible it can lead to severe problems. You don't want to risk damaging the bones that keep your teeth where they belong, and this is how gingivitis can cause tooth loss if you don't treat it!

There are lots of things that you can do to make sure that your teeth are as healthy as possible. It's quite simple to care for your teeth and gums. It doesn't involve any long procedures, just following some basic rules every day.

Your teeth and mouth respond to natural foods, brushing and flossing consistently and staying away from unhealthy habits like smoking and eating too many junk foods. It's worthwhile to devote some attention to your dental health. You'll be healthier overall, and you'll save money on dental bills!

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